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How to hack someone’s Android phone?

What is hacking?

Hacking is unauthorized access into a computer or some network. This may alter the features of the system and it is a non-malicious activity because it would steal the details in that particular system that is being hacked. This is considered fraudulent since the privacy of the system gets affected, private or some confidential data is hacked by the hacker. how to hack a phone

Nowadays hacking is seen in many places and not only some system or network is hacked, the hackers hacking many big companies and banks to steal money and information.

Mobile hacking

Mobile hacking is the major issue faced by all people around the world. Today all people are using android phones to enjoy the features of it. Whatever model it is, they offer many uses that fulfill the user’s needs. Android phones are being hacked more in the current trend. Few people are in need of hacking other’s phone to track their activities in mobile and steal the information. There are various methods in hacking the smartphones.

Mobile hacking can also be done by sending some malicious messages or sending some attachments. Once these attachments are opened immediately the phone gets hacked. Then all the information can be accessed by the hacker. Here are two techniques that are implemented in hacking the android phone.

Technique 1

Hacking using NEXSPY

NEXSPY is a hacking platform that is created by many experienced developers with many exciting features that satisfy all the requirements of the hackers. This is the reason why this is getting famous and it is very reliable with the users.

This technique offers lots of features that provide full satisfaction to hackers. It allows them to obtain information from the android phone. Some of the features of this hacking application are listed below.

Tracking of phone calls

Using this application one can hack all the calls in the targeted mobile. This application also offers the option of call recording.

Track the mobile

How to hack a phone

Hacks messages

All the messages sent and received on the phone are visible on this application.

Switch on camera

This application remotely makes the camera to switch on and so the hacker can make a screenshot of the targeted phone.

How to use this application?

You can download and install the NEXSPY app on the device to track. Then you can apply the settings and start using the application.

Technique 2

There is another method of hacking the android phone using a tool called AhMyth Rat. This is considered to be the most important hacking tool that helps in hacking the calls, messages, take snapshots and track the location of the Android phone without the knowledge of its owner.

This technique is recommended to be the best program for the hackers because it supports them in a great way to hack the targeted device from any location. The hacker knows the importance of this tool while using it in real. Hackers can download and install this tool and use the various options of hacking on their phone.